Radio freqfilesuencies For The Bergen County, New Jersey Area

Miscellaneous Pages AND Frequency Files ON BERGENSCANNER

  1. Bergen County HTML System for 396T
  2. List of owned scanners
  3. Close Call Log
  4. Garden State Parkway Fire/EMS
  5. Cape May Frequencies
  6. New York City System for 396T
  7. New York State Frequencies
  8. Delaware HTML for for the 396T
  9. U.S. Coast Gaurd/Marine LANT Channels
  10. Railroad Frequencies
  11. Barclays Golf Tournament General Frequencies
  12. -
  13. Barclays Golf Tournament in Paramus Frequencies
  14. Spreadsheet of the aircraft heard in Bergen County and Cape May updated weekly (in Excel format)

Frequency Files*:

  • *=I zipped Freescan Systems to make them easier to download. To see what's in the files click on the "preview"link
    The ZIP Systems contain Systems used with Freescan and may contain DIGITAL frequencies

    I am interested in obtaining different frequency files drop me a line if you have any Systems you want to share, they don't even have to be for Bergen County. I also provide a programming service for Uniden Scanners Using FreeScan. I can setup a radio any number of ways to suit your needs. Please e-mail me for further information.

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