Radio freqfilesuencies For The Bergen County, New Jersey Area


  1. Bergen County HTML System for 396T
  2. List of owned scanners
  3. Close Call Log
  4. Garden State Parkway Fire/EMS
  5. Railroad Frequencies
  6. New York State Frequencies
  7. Delaware HTML for for the 396T
  8. U.S. Coast Gaurd/Marine LANT Channels
  9. Barclays Golf Tournament General Frequencies
  10. Barclays Golf Tournament in Paramus Frequencies

Frequency Files*:

  • *=I zipped Freescan Systems to make them easier to download.
    The ZIP Systems contain Systems used with Freescan and may contain DIGITAL frquencies

    I am interested in obtaining different frequency files drop me a line if you have any Systems you want to share, they don't even have to be for Bergen County. I also provide a programming service for Uniden Scanners Using FreeScan. I can setup a radio any number of ways to suit your needs. Please e-mail me for further information.

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